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Hi friends this is Rahul again with my new story I got lot of comments to my previous stories I thank them all and I just want be free with you people so I’m going to narrate my new story and it’s also my own experience with my maid hope you all enjoy my story and gals, aunties, unsatisfied wife’s in ANDHRA want any relationship and to be get satisfied I’m always ready to feed you please male me at

This all about me having sex with my maid she is just 18 now and her name is Renuka she is a Orissa girl staying in our town from last five years she live with her mom. She looks very active all the time and she just know a little bit Oriea and she is not to fair but her boobs her ass makes her beauty she as a very well developed tights her round ass will pump shaft. She as a beautiful figure of 36, 28, 38 and attractive face will make me hard. She regularly come in morning and starts her house hold things and she will leave soon again she will return in evening she won’t go to college as they are poor and both she and her mom will work as maid’s

I always had an idea to fuck her but I was not able to make up to her as they were only my mom at home. Sometimes she would come to watch TV in afternoon I always use to see her skirts and her big round ass while she was watching TV. She was really not having any idea about sex to get concentration I used to ask her to teach me Oriea she agreed and she will teach every Sunday in after noon but she asked me to give some money as fee I gave her 100 rupee and she was very happy she just thanked me and left the home.

The 1st Sunday came she came at 1.30 I was waiting for her we both sat on the bed and I started to chat with her as she was knowing Oriea I spoke in Oriea only she was responding she was wearing a cream color skirt and her thigh were visible and that was making my cock erect as I was in jeans it was easy to hide we both continued our chat it was 3 she left and she came in evening as my mom will return from shop at night I was just having a chance to touch her ass as she was busy with cleaning the floor I just sat on the chair I was watching TV she entered into the hall and she was cleaning the floor

I was seeing her boobs which were visible in her loose dress she just caught me and she moved from there, The next Sunday came she came in noon and she asked me 1st what was I doing that day I said nothing I know what you was doing I just asked her do you want some money she just said yes I gave her 500 rupee she was shocked and asked me why I just kept my hand on her thigh she was again in shock just pushed my hand off I just grabbed her and said I just want to fuck you

I’ll give more money she started to cry and said please Anna leave me I’m not like that as I was not in control I just pulled pant down she was not wearing pants and a dark forest I just put a hand on her mouth and started to fuck her pussy from other hand’s finger she was screaming in pain that was giving me more courage to go more. Nothing was in my control I lowered my pant and started to rube her cunt with my cock the touch made her to mone aaahhhhh aahhh now she was allowing me to move on I just went down to show her heaven and started to suck her cunt now she slowly started to moan

Ussh aaaaa ennu aaahh her pussy was filled with liquid I tasted every drop without wasting it now she was ready to cum I just pulled her over the edge and started to fuck her cunt with my tong she cum on my face I just cleaned her cunt with my tong now I just started to rub her pussy again she separated her leg wide to allow me for deep penetration as she was virgin her pussy was not ready to get banged by my cock I was still trying slowly to poke a little in her but it was not possible and she was screaming very loudly and begging me to leave as

I can do next time I thought she is trying to escape from me I just gave a big jerk somehow the cock had entered her hole but she became unconscious I was very much scared was not knowing what to do I just sprinkled some water she got up and now heart beat was normal she started to cry and said its paining. I just looked over her cunt by placing her finger it was bleeding she just left from my home she dint came on Monday I thought something had happened at the same time her mom came

And said as her daughter is not feeling well she will be back to work on Wednesday I was very much scared. What to do if her mom comes to know about all this two days passed Renuka came to work she just gave a smile to me and started to her work while going she started to chat with me. She said be prepared for tuition on Sunday I was eagerly waiting for Sunday and I had many plans for that day that I’ll narrate in my next story please leave your comment at
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